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Adelio Sarro

Inspired by Candido Portinari as a boy, Sarro had the courage to stamp his own personality at an early age. His particular reading of the Brazilian worker's body and the sociocultural aspects of the lower classes of the population injects emotion, tenderness, and power into his charismatic characters. All the hardness of everyday life dissipates through the hands of Sarro.

Such poetic discourse makes the artist's work travel the world. Since 1972, there are countless international exhibitions going through the Americas, Europe, Oceania and countries like China and Japan, for example.

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An internationally renowned artist, Adélio Sarro was born in the interior of the state of São Paulo in 1950. Part of the motivation printed in his work portrays the universe of his childhood and adolescence. Son of farmers, with Portuguese mother and Italian father, Sarro recreates rural workers in paintings and sculptures. But not only that. Even if the exacerbated human dimensions exalted the result of the peasant effort, Sarro conceives, as a matter of priority, scenarios of the life of the common man.


Besides the canvases and sculptures, Sarro also dedicates himself to the monuments. The artist transfers to the large productions all the lightness exhibited in the delicate pieces of smaller dimensions, where the concern goes beyond the form and materials. All this suggestive symbolism present in each work guarantees full communication with the public.


Thus, aware of the importance of positioning himself and exposing his artistic thinking, Sarro constructed a radiating centre of culture. The Adélio Sarro Art Museum is located in Vinhedo, São Paulo, and its mission is not only to perpetuate the heritage of its creator, but also to promote new generations of artists and to foster art.

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