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Our Proposal is committed to promoting the arts in their different trends in the most varied cultures. In addition to encouraging interaction between curators, producers, art critics, journalists, and collectors, we believe in an approach artist-public. This contact allows the empowerment of art as a society transforming instrument. is pledged to disclosing its artists, not only in the national scope but also abroad. The projects are developed in partnerships with entities and other art market agents, where the focus on the artistic concept is fundamental. Respect for the individuality of each cast member is intimately connected to career planning, so the work can raise beyond the studios.





Our associated gallery in Portugal is the continuity of prospecting artworks and artists. We are in a prime location, surrounded by art and history.


   Enhance the artist's participation in international fairs and salons, as well as promote the exchange with irradiating centers of culture and galleries around the world. 

    One of the goals of is in the interaction between the different artistic expressions. We believe that plastic arts can be integrated organically into other events of cultural value. Thus, when we think about specific projects of exhibitions, shows, and salons, the concept goes beyond the pure exhibition of works.


We think of paintings and sculptures as starting points for the generation of puppies that complement the cycle proposed by the artist's work.


  Promoting the integration of the arts not only motivates the public but also enhances the viewers' experience. In the same way, it values the achievement of the artist.    

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