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Eduardo Mansur

   Art professional since 1994, Eduardo Mansur has a wide range of projects materialized in different cultural segments. Cinema, theatre, TV, music, besides plastic art, make up the portfolio of multimedia professional achievements.

    Graduated in Journalism and postgraduate in Marketing, Eduardo Mansur usually applies languages, practices, and knowledge from the research into his artistic schemes. The degree of experience of the managing partner of Lalou.art proves that all arts are complementary to each other, but the supports are specific and should harbour the mixture of imagination, talent, and consistency. And yet, the primordial component remains the obstinacy of every artist.

Lu Mourelle

    The dedication to Lalou.art is part of Lu Mourelle´s artistic research work. By alternating housing between Europe and Brazil, the artist experienced different cultures from childhood, the prime factor responsible for a particular understanding of artistic production. On the other hand, all this absorption conferred powers of criticism and creation that go beyond her academic studies in Fine Arts.


    By conducting artists, Lu Mourelle knows directly and clearly the needs and aspirations of this cast. Her job consists to identify potentialities and glimpse artistic positions, depurating superficialities and creating compatibilities between artists and public.

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