Vando Figueiredo

The artist bases his creations on expressionism and figurative art. His works go through the rupestrian theme until the experiments with collage on canvas, where he exhibits faces and bodies with full symmetry. This versatility earned him several awards and participation in exhibitions around the world. He accumulates views in the United States and in countries in Europe and Latin America.

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Vando Figueiredo is a painter, sculptor, draftsman and engraver. He graduated in Drawing and Painting in Havana, Cuba, and also worked as a professor of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Ceará and other Brazilian institutions.

Along the way of contemporaneity, Vando Figueiredo assimilates the traditional and regional art of the Northeast, region of Brazil where he was born and grew up, and the mixture with current influences. The artist's creativity allows him to use his influences and apply them in his work, without any resemblance to originals or indication of inspiration.

  Thus, the portfolio of Vando Figueiredo is built from a unique vision and the sensitivity of an artist who is submerged in his environment and has enough breath to capture and transform external influences.

  Vando Figueiredo was born in Fortaleza (CE), Brazil, in 1952.

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