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Sandra Pardo

Her works carry all the expressiveness and charm of the flowers in their most varied species. However, the artworks bring something more: they give eternal life to arrangements created from sensitivity and understanding of the magical power of flowers. This magic is not only in the beauty itself but in the impact exerted on the mind. They are images that convey, for example, the sensation and the joy of receiving a bouquet.

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With a background in Pedagogy and Artistic Education, Sandra Pardo began her career in the plastic arts in the 1990s. Since then, the painter has improved technique and skill in the production of the series with floral themes already exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

The artist's creations evidently evidenced the colours that so much call attention in pots and ornaments. However, the petals and stems of Sandra Pardo exhibit combined pigmentations so as to convey in a direct way feelings such as happiness, love, fraternity, tranquillity, among others that daily invade daily life.

     Her refined lines are a compilation not only of academic influences but also demonstrate the care and affection that the artist prints in re-reading her flowers. With unique shapes, a trademark, each ornamentation of Sandra Pardo walks between the oneiric and the real world, capable of transporting the interlocutor to the transcendent plane of the arts.

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