Rosa Barriga

   The Portuguese artist entered the world of the arts through porcelain in the 1990s. Afterward, she specialized in oil and acrylic, techniques that she passed on to her students at the University of Algarve, at the Senior Polo in Albufeira, where she currently resides. In different public spaces of the city, it’s possible to appreciate the artist’s works.

  Member of the National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Rosa Barriga has received honors from Portugal. His career has more than 60 exhibitions. The artist also conceived works that are part of collections of collectors of Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, among others countries.

   The thematic universe of the painter is translated into figurative, with special attention to the concept of still life, where it exhibits delicacy in the traces and compositions. When she decides to choose faces and bodies, Rosa Barriga leaves them silhouetted in an ethereal and enigmatic atmosphere.

   With this variation of repertoire, It’s possible to perceive that the artist produces a work that goes beyond the conceptual. There is enough objectivity in the dialogue with the audience, even for their expressive characters without the apparent contours of expression. The choice of not detailing faces opens the range of interpretations in a suggestive and contemporary work.

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