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Otoni Gali Rosa

The life dedicated to the arts: Otoni Gali Rosa calls attention for the daring. The joviality of his work can be understood from the moment in which the artist's trajectory is known: updated with the socio-cultural changes of his environment, he has been seeking excellence in communication with the public ever since.

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More about Otoni Gali Rosa

With a talent for drawing, Otoni led the creative department of a major Brazilian banking institution for decades. Such dedication in search of better results in the competitive corporate world has ascertained the instincts of the artist: his works appeal directly to the audience and emerge emotion. In addition to leading teams, he acted as an art director, illustrator and shared his knowledge in the role of an advertising design teacher.


   A profound connoisseur of human anatomy applied to the arts, Otoni explores the sensations provided by body movements, especially in sports, one of his passions. The modern trace, advertising-inspired trait and colour combination in each work anticipates artistic content one would expect in the near future.


   In Otoni, innovation is a brand empowered by the experience. Recognized internationally in exhibitions in the United States, Italy and other countries, the artist exhibited his works for the first time in 1968, in São Paulo. In the beginning, it was dedicated to the theme of horses. Today, its extremely diversified collection goes through the world of drawing, painting and engraving. The versatility goes from the design of comics to the creation of logos, passing through the customization of products from day-to-day.

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