Mariola Landowska

 The Polish artist studied Architecture in the hometown, Szczecin, and then went on to specialize in painting at the Gazzola Institute of Fine Arts in Piacenza, Italy. Ethnography and mythology are also among her studies, something that profoundly marks the work of the artist.

  As a way to give vent to these searches, Landowska seeks to know other cultures, mainly linked to the Arab and indigenous universes. It passes through India, Morocco and Brazil, where it lives with the Amazonian tribes. The artist's immersion in the villages is stamped in her work, full of references not only aesthetic, but also allusive to the way of life of remote peoples.

  Landowska has lived for almost 25 years in Portugal, where he also assimilated local traditions. She recreates on “azulejos” all the vibrant contents of the paintings in representative designs of rupestrian art and regional motifs. This arsenal comes from the material captured through her camera, a research companion.

 The work of the artist can be found in private collections and also in the collections of museums in Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, United States, Spain and Italy.

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