Marcelo Palmero

  Marcelo Palmero was born in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo estate. His art began to appear still in the childhood, time in which he amused himself when scribbling the first personages with pieces of coal. The relish for the drawing led him intuitively to his career in Advertising, an area where he worked as art director and university professor.


    Palmero's work has a strong identity, in line with the types created to illustrate his canvases. The artist focuses on natural feminine models that denote courage, freedom, and happiness. Their women, full of themselves, represent pure independence, beyond the breaking of social prejudices and barriers.


    Another hallmark of the work is in the conception of faces. There are no mouths and the eyes are only silhouetted, but, even so, the viewer has the impression that the creations of Palmero have intense looks: they turn attitude into vigorous speech.


    The intensity is accompanied by the combination of colours with vibrant tones. This differentiated light is also applied to the characters and backgrounds, in order to display a full protagonist.


    To portray daring personalities, young and modern, the artist can add animals and objects from day by day, reinforcing the dialogue with the public. At other times, Palmero decides to insert a contemporary gestural or to assign props and costumes not so usual, worthy of figures created to inspire.

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