Luciano Oliveira

  Luciano Oliveira holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism, as well as a specialist in sustainable construction and projects. By working professionally as a designer, he brings to his work concepts allied to the organicity of forms and the facilitation of dialogue with the public.

  The artist's work mixes figurative paintings executed with mixed technique, in addition to sculptures made from materials such as stone, metal, wood and glass. All this diversity combined with the expertise in architecture and design impel Oliveira in the different segments of the art market and their peers.

  In Fine Arts, the professional conceives multicoloured works of a pop theme. They are portraits, buildings and landscapes with results that call attention for the sophistication and contemporaneity. As a complement to the repertoire, the artist Oliveira is also dedicated to works that are closer to classicism, with touches of an abstract and dense colour palette.

   The works of Oliveira are present in exhibitions in the galleries of São Paulo, besides being also featured in events related to architecture and design.

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