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Jully Acuña

Jully Acuña Suarez is a Colombian artist based in Berlin. Her work takes a critical view of contemporary social, political and economic issues. She uses a series of different approaches such as photography, drawing, installations and curatorial or academic work to address social, political and economic issues which intersect with questions of identity,  place and time, and cultural issues generated by museums and cultural heritage notions.

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   Jully Acuña’s work addresses aspects that are often hidden or misrepresented in the “official” history, be it what governments try to conceal or erase, the emotions and daily lives of the marginalized – from indigenous peoples to women artists obscured by the work of their husbands – or the connection between people and landscapes outside the notions of grandiosity and authenticity nowadays promoted everywhere and consumed by mass tourism. 

   She also uses participatory art approaches to draw in the viewer as co-author and witness, providing an experimental chance to challenge one’s perceptions, perspectives and assumptions. Jully Acuña supports the use of art both as activism and as a research method.

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