Who has never had a great idea that has not gone out of business for lack of incentive?

Do you know how to use the resources available? formats its project and makes it accredited to raise funds in the market, either through the registration of large corporations or enables it to sponsor public and private entities.

    To get an idea of the amount, only in 2017 did cultural producers succeed in raising R $ 1.25 billion in sponsorship funds thanks to the country's two largest development mechanisms: the Federal Law for Cultural Incentives (Rouanet Law) and the Program of Cultural Action of the State of São Paulo (Proac / SP).

    Lei Rouanet and Proac / SP have different sources of government funding and varying ceiling limits for projects, according to the segment in the arts and the type of proponent: individual or legal entity. However, the formula that facilitates fundraising is only one: the sponsoring company allocates part of the tax payable in favour of the cultural project - instead of collecting it to the federal or state government, it deposits directly into the account of the accredited project.

    Want to enable your idea? Let's talk!

 can transform your draft into an approved project in Proac / SP and Rouanet Law. Just tell us more about your ideas so that we can format the proposal along the lines required by the review committees. After publishing in an official journal, your project can already capture resources and become a cultural event - an event that will add value to your career path.


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