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C ISHIKURA Série Alfa, Sem título 1, 201

Corina Ishikura

Corina Ishikura uses beeswax and oil on canvas. Her paintings refer to earth, water, air, fire, elements of nature that are in constant connection, generate life, in a place where we are all one. They also convey the feeling of freedom that offers infinite possibilities, like a kaleidoscope, which is sensitive to the movement of hands, eyes, and life around.

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Corina was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She graduated in Literature at Mackenzie University (SP, Brazil). She draws since her childhood. In 2010, after leaving the financial market, she decided to follow the artistic steps of her maternal, Japanese grandmother, Manga designer, and also her father, a wooden sculptor. She started to research and courses on Philosophy, Art History, and Japanese Art History.


Focused on deepening her knowledge of painting, Corina also sought to base herself on issues of aesthetics and thinking in the form of art with artists like Kazuo Wakabayashi. Her paintings bring the reference of Japanese-Brazilian precursors in the encounter of their art or an art "between cultures". It is neither Japanese nor Brazilian. In the case of the artist, there is still, on the paternal side, the descent of Portuguese, Spanish, indigenous, blacks. Cultures that are on the threshold of the inter-space that the ancient Japanese philosophy defines as MA or, as the inhabited interval space for the silence, more important in Japan, for the creative process in arts.


In vibrant or silent tones, Corina Ishikura composes landscapes that suggest the tracks of the wind, the sun, the stars, a visual experience that goes beyond the movement of colors. Her work expresses the sensations of a world that begins anew. The landscapes are accommodating to the spaces. These are images that the artist creates for everyone. They are not abstract, much less figurative. The artist makes room for the viewer to recreate them at will. The shapes, themes are due to the visual perception, sensations, and stories of each one. Her works have already been exhibited in Paris, Luxembourg, Stuttgart, Lisbon, Porto, Cascais, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, and others. 

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