Claudio Takita

     Gift, vocation and technique are present in the work of Claudio Takita, who was born in São Paulo and is the grandchild of Japanese immigrants. Self-taught, the artist is recognized for the expertise in the execution of his works, full of symbolism and differentiated techniques.


   Also a designer, Takita began her career with abstract painting. Currently, he dedicates himself to the figurative without giving up references of the intangible. The screens are composed of overlays of characters, objects, words, textures and colours. The result gives scope to Takita's multiple interpretations, a journey into the universe of an artist who turns paints into poems.


       The vast range of repertoire is the fruit of previous experiences, giving life to the experiences on the screen, organizing past thoughts and events, but in a fragmented way. Therefore, the word "intangible" is repeated and emphasized. This strategy, totally intuitive, gives vent to a timeless and defining work of his personality.


   Acting in the artistic environment for decades, Takita's history brings together different projects. Besides being present on national soil, his work has already been shown in countries such as France and Spain.

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