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Angelita Cardoso

Angelita Cardoso's works explore subliminal information present in souls and imaginary characters, composed by the particular trait and own fluidity, an analogy to the dilution of ink and the organic combination of colours that usually print in watercolors. The artworks are impressive but mysterious, enigmatic and full of representativeness.

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Angelita Cardoso was born in São Paulo. With a degree in History, her artistic research career includes the study of different techniques, such as illustration, drawing, painting, engraving and watercolour. The artist also spent a season in Italy to improve her vocations and creative methodology.


  Back in Brazil, she is dedicated to an artistic production with personal reading, focused on her own intimacy. Angelita Cardoso externalizes feelings and interprets her own questions in an almost existential approach. "It is in the act of doing that I Am, and so I produce in a state of trance, convulsion, hysteria", reveals the artist, saying still enjoying the "unconscious, the water, the archetypes, the psyche".

The artistic result has made the artist's work go through galleries and exhibition halls around the world. In addition to group and solo exhibitions in Brazil, Angelita Cardoso's artworks have been present at places across Europe in countries such as Portugal, Spain, France and Germany.

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