Ana Archer

Ana Archer translates into painting a rich imaginary with themes that refer to the ludic and also to the legends and popular traditions, They are artworks full of creativity and sensitivity. All this set, which mixes methods of execution with artistic motivations, has made the work of Ana Archer travel the world. They are in private collections across Europe, the United States and Brazil.

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As a child, Ana Archer used to draw on the large field used for drying the coffee on her parents' farm. Natural of Linhares, Espírito Santo (Brazil), the first works of the artist stamped dresses and other feminine pieces. Soon after, Ana discovers acrylic painting. She decides to spend a season in Rio de Janeiro, where she exchanges experiences with other artists and begins to develop her unique style.

   The artist blends primary colours and uses different volumes of paint to create shapes and textures on the canvas. With his accurate technique, she presents works that instigate the public to discover more about the paintings - they are different angles of vision and they can show new details and characters hidden under these textures.

The internationalization of her work led to the opening the own gallery in Houston, the United States, and the Algarve, Portugal, where she currently lives. In the studio, Ana Archer continues to research new ways to materialize themes, which results in a final product that both draws attention to originality.

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