Alex Straub

Alex Straub has been following the paths of art since childhood through drawing. Soon after came the interest in music and the learning of analogue photography. He graduated in Architecture and Urbanism and also studied Fine Arts.

His cheerful portraits have won exhibitions in England and Spain. Then came Portugal and Austria, in addition to shows in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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Multitalented and versatile, Straub studied audio and recording techniques. He had his digital studio and dedicated himself to the secrets of the dance floor: he is still a DJ, with a history of presentations in several nightclubs in São Paulo, Santos and other cities.

   Due to the need to unite his passions, he produced the work "Music on canvas" in the 2000s. With his band, live performances mixed music and painting. Since then, Straub's work has been strolling through the relaxed universe of the pop world, where celebrity re-readings gain prominence.


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