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Adelmo Avancini

Adelmo Avancini is a digital artist. He began drawing when he was five years old and had the first inspirations based on comic books and Monteiro Lobato’s universe, a Brazilian writer. Graduated in Engineering, the technologic ability open the door to his incoming on art world by the digital side.

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More about Adelmo Avancini

The image manipulation began as a playing and after filled totally the Avancini´s professional life. Your work is focused on abstract art, mainly traced on the deconstruction of concrete images, such as movie scenes, female models and landscapes. All this inventiveness produces a colour and shocking digital art.


  Beauty, provocation, the search for meaning and transcendence are the motivating aspects and that inspire him on art dialogue. Images full of colours and intense lights are the trademarks of the artist.


   Constantly, Avancini has been invited to exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. New York, Paris, Lisbon, Porto, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro figure between the cities which already welcomed the artist´s work.

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